Tuchel does not reveal plans for South Tiger to duel boat to get points back

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Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel wants to halt Manchester City’s attack by revealing how to minimize his depth in defense. and play patiently In order to get good results in the first game, the 8-team round of the UEFA Champions League this Tuesday

Thomas Tuchel, coach of Bayern Munich, a club in the German Bundesliga, is confident that his team will have a good result. ready to reveal the game plan in front of the media With a patient deep defense because the opponent has a great offensive game In the game that will attack Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg on Tuesday, April 11.

Tuchel does not reveal plans for South Tiger to duel boat to get points back

The former Chelsea boss will face Pep Guardiola in the tournament for the first time. Since he led the Blues to win the Blues 1-0 in the final of the 2020-2021 season with Kai Havertz ‘s only goal, winning the second European Championship. But this time, changing the UFABET team to be a partisan Suea Tai , a former club The big boss of the fierce bull used to hold the reins as well

The 49-year-old head coach came out and said before the game, stating, “We will try our best tomorrow to get a good result. We are ready to set our game. It will be a different match compared to PSG. They have a different style, better pace, great team. Especially in the offensive game, there will be times when we have to be patient in defending and defending deep in a line as tight as possible. But we need moments where we can have more possession and attack them. We have the qualities on our team to make this happen.”

Erling Haaland, Norwegian national team striker who is in strong form, scoring 11 goals from his last 4 matches He has scored 10 goals for City this season, one behind Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s record of 17 in a single season, with Tuchel warning the striker will create a The same embarrassment for Bayern as they did during their two years at Borussia Dortmund.

“His numbers are incredibly impressive. His sportsmanship and hunger for goals are outstanding, of course not just him. City created many chances for Haaland , we will find a solution together to cope. It takes diligence, determination and competitive readiness, “said the Deutsche manager.