Baena slammed Valverde for not getting enough punches, family still receiving death threats

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Villarreal midfielder Alex Baena lamented death threats against himself and his family. From the event that Federico Valverde, Real Madrid footballer, punched him because he was sarcastic about the child. Yan never said that. but instead was severely attacked by disgruntled people

BBC _ News reports that Alex Baena, the bull wing of Villarreal, a UFABET club in the Spanish La Liga battle, said he and his family had been sent death threats. From the case of mocking the ball against Federico Valverde, Real Madrid ‘s midfielder until the Uruguayan footballer held his grudges. and then proceeded to punch him after the league game last weekend until it became a hot topic at the moment

Baena slammed Valverde for not getting enough punches, family still receiving death threats

According to reports, Baena had  previously provoked Valverde in a Copa de Rey duel earlier this year over his son. with the saying Cry because your son is not going to be born. At that time, Mina Bonino, the girlfriend of the White King midfielder , was pregnant. She was afraid that she would miscarry the second child. But the latest progress The baby is in good health.

while in the last game yellow submarine Went to win at Santiago Bernabeu 3-2. Both of them had arguments, resulting in the brutal football team. There is still resentment Until he punched him in the face of the 21-year-old. Midfielder while boarding the bus after the game. Which the player’s club confirmed A report has been made to the police and Baena has denied that. Never spoke like that. It’s completely false. In addition, he and his family were threatened with death.

“After the incident Some comments appeared. assuming It came from his follower (Valverde) who said he wanted my family in danger. They take advantage of misfortune. to justify the attack And made up lies that hurt me more than getting punched The damage done to my family was irreparable and unreasonable. There were threats, insults or even private messages wishing my family death. Yesterday we reported it to the police. We will let the justice proceed,” said the Spanish forward.

No sanctions are expected against   Valverde at this time, as Villarreal have not made any complaints to the Spanish Football Federation. to investigate the facts Aside from just reporting the assault to the police as well as not being recorded in the referee’s report. because the event occurred After the race is over