Online Baccarat Vocabulary Sexy Baccara and Sa gaming know that it is not out of trend.

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Anyone who likes card games, baccarat is a game that everyone has to choose to play first. Therefore, the matter of Baccarat terminology is very important to be understood before actually playing. Especially newbies In addition to learning how to play the story of specific terminology It is important to make it easier for everyone to understand and choose to bet and get money.

Sexy Baccara Sa gaming

and the more it is playing online casino games Nowadays, there are often many camps to choose from, such as Sexy Baccara and Sa gaming , which is a service of Both European and Asian casinos sometimes hear strange words, the more you listen to them for a long time. It’s even more difficult and it can be frustrating not knowing what it means. So know he knows us will not be out of trend It also makes our bets easy. more the same And what many people may not expect is the search for the Baccarat formula to play for money. That’s easier too. Because some gamblers tend to choose different vocabulary. according to their habits So who wants Play baccarat online well. Let’s start learning vocabulary.

Basic Baccarat vocabulary that you should know of Sexy Baccara and Sa gaming

Basic Baccarat vocabulary that we have to meet in The most Sexy Baccara and Sa gaming online casino and need to know if you want. Playing baccarat for money is as follows:

Baccarat terminology for individuals and betting styles

Baccarat Terminology Sexy Baccara and Sa gaming

Dealer : Dealer refers to an employee who is responsible for dealing cards, showing cards that are stationed in each baccarat table, which are rotated all the time.

Player : Player Betting on the player’s side. Usually blue is used as a symbol. Sometimes you may have heard of other terms such as Punto.

Banker : Banker Betting on the banker’s side. by using red as a symbol and sometimes encountered with the word Banco, which is a slang term for American baccarat betting

Big : Choosing to bet that That turn will have more cards drawn. It is not specific as to which side will draw cards.

Small : Prediction, the banker and the player do not draw additional cards.

Player Pair : Player pair cards. Choose to bet the first two cards on the player’s side as cards of the same rank.

Banker Pair : Banker Pair Choose to bet the first two cards on the banker’s side as cards of the same rank.

Perfact Pair : Double card pair Predict the first two cards of both the banker and the player side, but both sides do not have to have the same cards.

Any Pair : Predict that there will be a pair of cards. without specifying whether it is the banker’s side or the player’s side

Tie or Standoff : Tie Predict whether the total points of the cards of both sides are equal or tie.

Baccarat Online Card Vocabulary

Baccarat terminology

Face Card : Call instead of cards whose faces are J , Q , K

Monkey : Cards with a value of 0 (J , Q , K and 10).

Natural : Pok is the first two cards with a total of 8 or 9 points.

LA Petite : Lepetite is poker 8.

LE Grand : Le Grand is Pok 9 card.

Bonus : It is a word that many gamblers wonder a lot about what Bonus in Baccarat is and how to bet. The meaning of this word is Choosing to bet on which side will have the first two cards are Pok 8 or Pok 9.

Banker Bonus : Banker’s side gets Pok 8 or Pok 9.

Player Bonus : Player side gets Pok 8 or Pok 9.

Pair : Pair means the first two cards of either side have the same face value, such as AA, 2-2, JJ, etc.

Dragon : Call instead of the result of bets that are issued on the same side for many consecutive turns.

Ping Pong : Used to call in place of bets that have been issued alternately several times.

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