Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa: Collected after the Premier League game, the Reds were in fierce form, crushing the Lions.

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Before the game, many people may have thought that this game will definitely not be an easy task for Liverpool. As Aston Villa this year looks stable under Unai Emery and the reinforcements are quite interesting. Therefore, it should be able to create problems for the Reds’ defense without Virgil van Dijk, but when the game started. There was only early in the game that Villa had a chance to control the ball to play the game. 

Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa: Collected after the Premier League game, the Reds were in fierce form, crushing the Lions.

Because after that, it was almost the home ทางเข้า ufabet team that controlled the ball, attacked almost unilaterally. And also took the lead quickly from the 3rd minute, which made it easier for them to play. Moreover, Unai himself chose to take the risk of opening up and exchanging, which made Liverpool have The area created many more chances and was the source of the 2nd and 3rd goals. Easily keeping a clean sheet this weekend.

Without Van Dijk, no problem.

Reds fans will probably feel a little giddy when they have to see two defenders like Joel Matip and Joe Gomez pair up on the field together. Because Virgil van Dijk himself is banned from being sent off with a red card in the match. Before If this was the previous season, whenever these two guys played together, it could be said to be extremely leaky, the kind that was always ready to give luck to the competitors. However, today this does not seem to be the case. 

Although there were some missed moments. But today both were considered to be excellent in dealing with the away team’s high-speed offensive line. The timing of entering the ball and the time of contact was quite accurate and played an important role in keeping. The team from conceding a goal in today’s game.

Villa didn’t have a game-changer.

Although Aston Villa’s generals this year look striking. But it seems that when the team is in dire straits, there is no one who can be the hope to carry the team. Today, Diaby and Watkins, the two protagonists, looked quiet, and after sending Bailey down, he looked striking. But there’s still nothing substantial. Zaniolo, despite having the opportunity to draw beautifully, still hasn’t been able to do much. Tielemans himself has hardly had a chance to make a game at all. It’s a shame that the English football market has just closed, otherwise, having seen this game. Villa might have another big deal to add.

First clean sheet and 3rd place.

It can be said that in order to keep a clean sheet, Liverpool fans had to wait until the 4th match because before this, even though they won 2 and drew 1. They always lost 1 goal per match. Therefore, it can be said that this game seemed to be The most perfect match of this season. The 3 points in this game also send them 10 points, joint 3rd place, only 2 points behind Manchester City, leader, with Klopp’s team. Spurs are one of five teams that are still unbeaten this season. While Villa have dropped to 10th place with 6 points from winning 2 and losing 2 from their first 4 matches of the season.