Gilberto urges Arsenal to sign Nunez

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Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva has urged Arsenal to bring Sporting Lisbon’s Matheus Nunez to strengthen their midfield. There are many options to use.

Arsenal is a team that doesn’t have a problem in the midfield at all. If the main one is ready to go into the field completely. But in the past, it seems that the main body of Arsenal will get hurt very often. Until they rarely get the opportunity to play at the same time, which the absence of the main character greatly affects the overall performance of Arsenal and there are many players in the midfield who are likely to part ways with A. Arsenal after the 2021/22 season

Of course, Arsenal may have to look for a new midfielder to join the ยูฟ่าเบท team to strengthen their current squad and there are many who are targeting Arsenal. Berto Silva has urged Arsenal to bring in Mataus Nunez despite the rivalry with Manchester City, with Gilberto Silva saying: “Although Matheu Snunez has no other professional experience but his performance on the European stage is amazing.”

Although the English Premier League is known as the toughest league for many players. Mathaus Nunez is a player who is always adapting. Evident from his performances on the pitch and Pep. Guardiola is also praising Matheus Nunez. It’s clear the player is decent enough and Arsenal need to bring Matheus Nunez to the squad. Which I hope in the future to see Mathaus Nunez playing in the English Premier League.