Baccarat Vocabulary Guide for Playing Sagaming and Sexy Baccarat

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List of Baccarat Terminology Here’s a complete list of the names and definitions used in casinos that offer live baccarat games. and baccarat online sagaming , sexy baccarat that you should know

It doesn’t mean that you need to know everything to play, but it’s better to read and know in order to increase your chances of winning and understand the conditions of the dealer or other players. use

Baccarat terminology on the banker’s side

Banco: In Spanish, it means bank. In online baccarat, the dealer is sometimes referred to as a banco .

The dealer ( Bank): is the party that is dealt cards and runs the game last.

Banker Bet : This is one of the three options you can bet when playing Baccarat online. You can place bets with the dealer/banker.

Bankroll : money reserved for gambling.

Banque : This version of baccarat is popular in European casinos. But it’s rare in America. In Baccarat, the dealer sits between two connected tables and bets on two players with one player per table.

Burning : Removal of the first 3 to 6 cards after shuffling.

Caller : An employee in a casino who changes the deck of cards, reads the cards, and deals the Baccarat tables.

Gable ( Carte): in French Means asking for more cards from the dealer.

Cheval : This is the type of bet allowed in some baccarat games. It is related between the win and loss of two players affecting each other. If either side wins but the other loses Win or lose will not affect either side. Some games allow a single player to wager holding both suits.

Chemin De Fer: Another form of baccarat that is popular or better known as European Baccarat, which focuses on players who are paying or betting high. Accept bets as well as play as the dealer yourself.

Commissions : Casinos (eg casinos) charge a commission on the dealer bets because they have the highest win rate. The win rate is 45.86%, while compared to the player’s chance of winning is only 44.62%.

Because most players bet on the banker. The casino therefore charges a percentage commission when the dealer wins, which is usually around 5%. Assuming a payout ratio of 1:1, bet on the banker of 50 baht to win you get 100 baht, but because There is a commission of 5%. The money that the player will receive is therefore 95 baht.

Some casinos cut their commission percentages and some even quit collecting them. In games without commission The casino compensates for this portion of the commission by adjusting the odds (odds) to be different.

Coup : in French Refers to the round of the baccarat table that has both the banker and the player.

Croupier : A casino employee who deals cards and maintains the game.

Cut : This word is only used in casinos. Cutting cards means splitting a shuffled deck of cards into two. The dealer normally shuffles the cards face down on the table and then asks the player to cut the cards by removing the top half from the deck and placing them on the table. The dealer then takes the bottom half and puts it on top of the top half again.

Cut Card : A game played in a casino where players use cutting cards to cut the deck. The cards are plastic and are usually opaque. Players insert cards between decks to indicate to the dealer which parts of the deck they want to share.

Dragon Bonus : It is a side bet that is for players to bet on how many points. The winning side will get more than the loser. If the cards dealt are poker 8 or 9 have a difference of four or more.

Edge Sorting : This is a technique used by players in casinos. That some people think is cheating. It is actually a technique that relies on distinguishing cards from the small differences on the figure on the back of the cards resulting from the manufacturing process. Although casinos are not happy with this technique. The cards are up to standard.

Face Cards : The face cards are Jack Mam King of each set.

Fading : This is a term that applies only to the game of Baccarat in casinos, not the online version, because it is a game in which a person bets on the outcome of a bet on a person, e.g. Player A bets on Player B losing, i.e. Player B loses. Play A is the spectator of the game and does not join the game. Just bet on the outcome of the game of the person playing.

Flat bets: Players bet the same amount regardless of whether the hand wins or loses .

High Roller : Used to call players who make large bets.

Hole card : Another name for face-down cards.

1House : Another name for a casino.

House Edge : The casino’s chance and percentage ratio of winning the player.

House Rules : Casino Rules and Agreements

Lace : A word used to refer to placing cards randomly in a pile of cards.

Legon ( Le Grande):  used to call the number 9, which is a bounce.

Le Petite: used to call the number 8 that is a bounce.

Loss Bet : A bet on the opposite side of the banker.

Mini Baccarat: It is a smaller and faster version of Baccarat. It supports multiple players at once and generally has lower limitations which makes it a favorite with many players.

Muck : A large number of cards used at the beginning of the shuffle and consist of 8 standard decks such as 416 cards.

Pok (Natural): Two cards with a total of 8 or 9.

Pass : It is a word used when winning or finishing a game.

Baccarat terminology on the player’s side


Player’s Side: The side playing against the dealer (Banker) does not refer to the actual players in the game, but rather to one of the three betting options in Baccarat.

Punto : Player

Punto Banco : is one of the forms of baccarat.

Push : A bet that does not lose or win.

Railroad: An English translation of Chemont de Fer and plays in the same way.

Run : A side bet betting option that allows you to make multiple bets.

Shoe : Also known as Sabot, a shoe is a box that holds and distributes cards for dealing .

Always ( Standoff): Also known as a tie.

Tie Bet : Used when both the dealer and the player receive the same amount of points. No one wins in this game.

Upcard : Face up card.

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