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Making faerie furniture can be a true joy. If you choose to make faerie furniture, remember to use only dead, dry sticks and twigs. Mother Nature and the Faeries will appreicate it! (AND your glue will stick to it)

bridal bed

Photo by John Urban


Below is the bed of a friend I call The Canary Faerie. She rides on a red canary because of an unfortunate wing accident. (It's a long story...) canary faerie bed


faerie typewriter

Has anyone ever seen one of these? They're kind of like computers but without the monitor. I know it's hard to believe anyone could use such a thing, but faeries find them to be quite ingenious. They are called Typewriters.

curly wllow faerie bench

faerie princess chair

If you like the thought of making faerie furniture, you can very easily do it. It takes a bit of imagination, a few sticks of wood and glue and some dried flowers. If you still don't think you can do it, why not sign up for a workshop?




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